Experience More

In November 2018, Roche Diagnostics Belgium celebrated its 60th birthday! To mark this special occasion, we held an Innovation session and celebration at one of Belgium's most iconic landmarks - the famous Atomium, which also came into existence in 1958. It was during this exciting event that we launched "Experience More", the overarching theme of all the activities we will take on as a company throughout 2019.

So what is our aim with "Experience More"? 

There are a wide variety of stakeholders who experience Roche Diagnostics Belgium in one way or another - from customers, key players and partners in the healthcare industry, to patients and ultimately to those who do their utmost best to make our business possible, namely our people! In 2019, we want to bring together this diverse group of stakeholders to explore topics that are central to the future of healthcare and to our business, and to communicate about these activities in innovative ways. 

Our journey here in Belgium began in 1958, and since then we've been helping transform the Belgian healthcare sector for the better. As the leader in in-vitro diagnostics and histological cancer diagnostic solutions, we also play a pioneering role in digital diagnostics. As a company, we truly embrace innovation, and yet most often we are the "silent champions of healthcare". Indeed, while diagnostic tests account for only approximately 2% of our healthcare expenditure, more than 60% of medical decisions are taken thanks to the data they deliver. With "Experience More", we want to bring the potential of diagnostic tests to the forefront of everyone's mind by engaging in societal discussion on key topics and trends. In doing so, we aim to highlight how we dare to push the boundaries to help improve patients' lives for the better. For us, Doing Now What Patients Need Next is not a simple tagline, it is a responsibility we take up with pride and the mission that drives each of us to give our very best, every day.